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Enfield Bathroom Renovation

Enfield Bathroom Revival: From Disaster to Dream

At Westons Plumbing & Heating, we specialise in turning bathroom nightmares into beautiful spaces. Our recent project in Enfield, Middlesex, is a perfect example!

This bathroom had definitely seen better days. Years of water damage left it in a rough state, needing a complete refresh. But fear not, our team is fully equipped to handle bathroom renovations of any scale.

Before: Bathroom Renovation in EnfieldBefore: Enfield Bathroom Renovation

Down to the Studs: Starting Fresh

First things first – we had to demolish the existing bathroom down to the studs, exposing the brickwork and floor joists. This ensured a solid foundation for the brand-new bathroom we were about to create.

Bathroom fitted in EnfieldBathroom installation Enfield

Building a New Bathroom From Scratch

With a clean canvas, we began building the new bathroom from the ground up. Here's what we transformed:

  • New floor joists: For a rock-solid and level base.
  • All-new plumbing: Hot and cold water lines, heating pipes, and waste pipes – everything you need for a functional bathroom.
  • Electrical revamp: New wiring, stylish lights, an extractor fan, and even an electrical connection for a fancy mirror.
  • Moisture-resistant ceiling: To keep moisture woes at bay.
  • Marine ply floor: Super durable and water-resistant, perfect for bathroom flooring.
  • Wedi board tanking system: An extra layer of protection for ultimate peace of mind.
  • Ditra mat: This clever membrane helps prevent cracks in your beautiful new tiles.
  • Brand new bathroom suite: Everything you need to soak away your stress.
  • Stylish tiles: Complete with trims and finishing touches for a polished look.
  • Fresh coat of paint: The finishing touch to create a bright and inviting space.
  • Relocated door: For better bathroom flow and functionality.

Bathroom renovation in EnfieldEnfield Bathroom renovation

The Big Reveal: A Spa-Worthy Escape

The final result? A stunning bathroom that's a million miles away from its previous state. It's a true testament to our team's expertise in plumbing, electrical work, tiling, and general construction. Watch the video below for a quick reveal and walkthrough.

Ready to revamp your bathroom?

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