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Why You Should Hire a Professional Bathroom Fitter

The bathroom is arguably the most important room in the home. It's likely the first room that you go to in the morning and the last one that you use before bed - so why should it look so outdated and neglected? If your bathroom isn’t comfortable and luxurious, it could be time for a change...
However, it's important that you employ the right people to re-design your new bathroom. Here's why you should hire a professional bathroom fitter...

Save time by hiring a bathroom fitter

Complete bathroom installations are stressful and more importantly, they take time, especially so for a DIY one-man band. Why not hire a professional bathroom fitter instead who can likely complete the installation in half the time and to a great standard? This is especially important if you only have one bathroom in the home. You can't be without a bathroom for weeks on end!
For instance, we offer bathroom installations across Braintree, Enfield, Essex and Hertfordshire and can take care of the entire installation from start to finish, including the installation of a new shower, bath, heated towel-rail and all of the tiling, plumbing and electrics too. In the meantime, you can concentrate on the more important things in life. 

Accurate bathroom installation estimates

Full bathroom installations can be costly, we recognise that, but when you hire a bathroom fitter you can request a full quote and better design your dream bathroom around a set budget. Unfortunately, this isn't something that you can do when fitting your own bathroom because you never know which tools/materials you'll need in order to finish the job - bathroom installations are complicated!

Avoid complications with a team of bathroom fitters

You can always purchase supply to fit bathrooms and fit it yourself, but there are some risks in doing that too:

  • Can you attend to all of the finer details, like the tiling for instance? 
  • Are you qualified to install the plumbing, electrics and heating?
  • The bathroom materials might arrive damaged and therefore it will be down to you to source the replacements

Professional bathroom fitters have a team of trained staff that can attend all of the finer details, take care of the plumbing, electrics and heating and can deal with damaged/faulty materials! 

Professional advice from a professional bathroom fitter

We have years of experience designing and fitting bathrooms across the Braintree, Enfield, Essex and Hertfordshire, so if you're stuck for ideas and would like some professional advice from a professional bathroom fitter, we're more than happy to assist! We've helped fit bathrooms in rooms of all different shapes and sizes, so we're confident we can help design a bathroom that you will be proud of. 

Contact our bathroom fitters in Braintree, Enfield, Essex and Hertfordshire

If you would like to get in touch with our bathroom fitters and discuss our bathroom installation service, please send us a message using our contact form or call us on 07944 667421. We offer our bathroom fitting/installation service in Braintree, Enfield, Southend, Romford, St Albans, Potters Bar, Waltham Abbey, Crews Hill, Grange Park, Winchmore, Cuffley, Goffs Oak and all surrounding areas.