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Signs It's Time to Install a New Bathroom

Have you got a dream bathroom in mind, but have you been putting it off for years on end? Take a look at these signs to find out if now is the right time to fit your dream bathroom.

Your Family Dynamics Have Changed

When you first modelled your bathroom you may have had small children to think about, making the design more child friendly and less about you and your style. If your children are now older or have finally up and left, it could be a great time to remodel and finally fit your dream bathroom. 

You’ve Got a Carpet Floor

Carpet may have seemed like a great way to keep your feet warm and cosy at first, but carpet can quickly discolour by harbouring mould, dirt and other germs from spilt water. Swapping your carpet for something more current and hygienic can transform your bathroom for the better. 

The Décor Seemed Like a Great Idea at The Time

If your bathroom has net curtains, a vibrant shower curtain, dated tiles or a fluffy bath mat, it could be time to update the décor. You may have just moved into a home with a bathroom like this, or the décor could have seemed like a great idea at the time but either way, you deserve a bathroom that you love to be in; a few simple changes can alter the mood of your bathroom entirely.

There Is Visible Damage or Wear

Bathrooms are used several times a day by all of the members of your home, so it is obviously going to experience some wear and tear. This damage could be caused by spills, scratches on the walls, damp, mould or water and can be resolved in many ways. Some issues can be resolved with a fresh lick of paint, whereas others may result in the need for a complete bathroom refurb. 

You Are Selling Your Home

Making some changes to your bathroom before selling your home can do wonders to persuade potential buyers to go for it. The changes don’t have to be huge, but getting the walls repainted or the flooring redone can spruce up the room considerably. 

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