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5 Signs you need a new boiler

With the right maintenance, a well-looked after boiler can last for a good decade at least. But this isn’t always the case and it’s important you know when its time for a new one...
To help you out, this blog post outlines some signs to look out for, that suggest it’s time to think about a new boiler.

You need a new boiler if your energy bill is rising

While the cost of heating your home may be rising anyway (especially in the cold winter months), if your costs have suddenly spiked up, it could be to do with your boiler. 

Take a look at your bills from the previous months - Noticed them creeping up or sky-rocketing one month? If your boiler is over 5 years old, it is likely to only be D-Rated for efficiency; wasting you a lot of money each month. Long term, you may find it cheaper to just replace your current boiler. 

You need a new boiler if it makes strange sounds

Sounds such as banging, kettling, popping or screeching should not be made by your boiler. These sounds tend to occur when your boiler is being overworked, sometimes caused by a build up of rust or debris internally. It is a common sign that your boiler is beginning to malfunction and you should get this checked out as soon as possible. 

You need a new boiler if your current model is 10+ years old

If you have had your boiler for over a decade, there are so many smarter and more efficient boilers available to you. Switching to a new boiler will lower your energy bills and offers the opportunity for you to install smart thermostats. 

You need a new boiler if your current boiler is leaking water

If your boiler is surrounded by puddles of water, or your pipes feel wet on the outside, this is a sign that your boiler may be beginning to disassemble. Leaks create several problems: water damage in the surrounding areas, wasted water/energy and inefficient heating. 

All your boiler needs, in one place

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